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  • CTS VT1002-2 (50/50 Split)$525

    10′ Length – Rated for 20-30# line, 2.5-5oz lure.

    CTS VT1101-2 (50/50 Split)$500

    11′ Length – Rated for 15-25# line, 2-4oz lure.

    CTS VT1102-2 (50/50 Split)$525

    11′ Length – Rated for 20-30# line, 2.5-5oz lure.

    CTS VT1103-2 (50/50 Split)$525

    11′ Length – Rated for 25-40# line, 3-6oz lure.

Spinning Reel Seat with Contoured Fit (VSSM)

For the 10′ Vapor Trail, Reel Seats are standard at 18″ from butt to start of seat

For the 11′ Vapor Trail, Reel Seats are standard at 19″ from butt to start of seat

(If you want to differ from the standard, please indicate your request on the order form)

VSSM to Match Guides

Fore Grip

Foam (Standard)
Cork (Additional $5)
Winn (Additional $10)

Rear Grip/Butt Cap

Foam Butt Grip 3.5" with Foam Butt Cap (Standard)
Foam 1.75" Butt Grip & Cap (Standard) *Pic shown is with the Additional Heatshrink Butt Grip
Cork 3.5" with Cork Composite Butt Cap (Additional $15)
Cork Butt Grip & Cap with HDCC Trim 2.25" (Additional $15)
Foam Butt Grip & Cap with HDCC Trim 2.25" (Additional $20)
Winn Butt Grip & Foam Butt Cap 3.75" (Additional $10)

When selecting only Heatshrink for the Rear Grip, a Vinyl Butt Cap will be used.

Heatshrink Butt Grip (Standard if only Selection for Rear Grip or Additional $5 if Adding to Foam 1.75" Butt Grip as pictured here. Can also be added to the Cork/Foam 2.25" Butt Grips
Heatshrink Split Grip (Additional $10)
Heatshrink Full Grip (Additional $10)

Heatshrink is Available in the Options Below

Black XFlock
Black NonFlock
Black Fishscale

Guide Options

Fuji Corrosion Control Alconite KWAG Stripper & KLAG Single Foot Guides

BC (Frosted Dark Gray)
CC (Frosted Silver)


Guide Configuration

KWAG30, KLAG25, 20, 12, 8 x 3, and “8” top

Fuji Titanium SiC KWSG Stripper &
KLSG Single Foot Guides

T2 (Black Titanium)

Additional $125

Guide Configuration

KWSG30, KLSG25, 20, 12, 8 x 3, and “8” top

Thread Selection

When ordering your rod, the dominant color is the thread over the guide feet (shown in neon yellow below) and the complimentary color is the thread under the guide (shown in blue below).

With Vapor Trails, the first guide is the only double foot guide and therefore will have the complimentary color. The remaining are single foot guides and will only have the dominant color along with the other colors for trims.

Metallics are best when used as a complimentary color choice and is not an option as a primary color.

Standard Decorative Wraps

Below are some examples of standard decorative wraps. Nick creates his wraps based on the color choices and what works well with those choices, but will work with any preference you have to create your custom rod.

Closed Decorative Wraps

A closed wrap is all thread work in butt wrap with no blank showing.

Closed Wraps are an additional charge of $125


Personalized Decal – $20

Fish / Misc. Decal – $10

Licensed College Decal – $15

All Prices listed are exclusive of taxes. You will be charged the Dare County Tax Rate for items picked up locally, or will be charged your county tax rate in NC if shipping is needed. Federal Excise Tax will also be added to your rod purchase.

Note: Rods can be shipped to any contiguous state for an additional fee of $50.

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