Custom Built Fishing Rods

Handcrafted rods primarily for fishing the coastal waters of North Carolina. The majority of his custom built fishing rods are drum heavers, Nick also builds on a variety of other CTS blanks including BayCaster, Vapor Trail and Air. He builds quite an assortment of offshore rods as well. Be sure to check out Nick’s previous builds on the CTS Colors page.

5 New Rods For Sale

CTS SV1102-2 Tanzanite Blue (Spinning Rod), CTS SV1104-2 Mamba (Conventional), Cast Pro Series 10′ Blue (Spinning Rod), CTS Vapor Trail VT1002-2 Mamba (Spinning Rod) and CTS BayMaster BS764 Marlin (Spinning Rod). All are available for Local Pickup or to Ship.

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3 New CTS Spinning Rods for Sale

CTS Vapor Trail VT1002-2 Marlin CTS Vapor Trail VT1101-2 Mamba CTS BayCaster CB1004-2 Jewel CTS Vapor Trail VT1002-2 Marlin – Rated for 20-30# line,  2.5-5oz lure. CTS Vapor Trail VT1101-2 Mamba – Rated for 15-25# line, 2-4oz lure. CTS BayCaster CB1004-2 Jewel – Rated

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